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  1. Okay i think i got it then, its just a shitty version of the mod and or mod is broken thats why it wont start up ?
  2. just deleted all the mods except BIOMES and the server started up. Is there a minecraft version someone reccomnds to play on for modded server? Clearly 1.14 is not good
  3. Hello, I purchased a minecraft server from NFO Servers and the ram is 3GB and 50 players. I have installed forge 1.14.4 and my minecraft server version is the same. The second I add a mod to my server, the server will not start back up. It says something in the lines of missing .toml file. I have downloaded all the correct versions for the plugins and even tried 1 plugin at a time, and downloaded from LEGIT sites as well. I am almost certain I am doing everything correctly. I posted logs below. Please help. Thank you. crash-2019-09-16_09.41.46-server.txt latest.log
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