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  1. Any suggestions for how to get my mods files scanned?
  2. By "restarted", I have done everything from re-downloading forge and the mods to re-downloading Minecraft as a whole.
  3. Sorry about that, and yes, the cake one!
  4. Is it perchance this link: https://github.com/EmeraldGlory/EmeraldGlory.git (If not I apologize. I'm super new to this format)
  5. I posted my debug.log in the paste.gg, though I'm not sure what comes next.
  6. Hopefully some can help, I'm super new to Minecraft Mods. I've been trying to get some mods for 1.12.2 version and have followed several tutorials step-by-step, but the mods never work. I have downloaded the 1.12.2 mod off Forge, created an installation for it in the Minecraft Launcher, downloaded two 1.12.2 mods from Forge and placed them in my mods folder, and run the game. When I get to the menu and check my available mods, I don't see the mods I downloaded. Can anyone help me?
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