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  1. OK, I think I understand now. I meant to only register my items instead of all of them in general but I didn't know that I should remove the registry loops for the blocks and tile entities. Thanks again for helping me.
  2. I understand Code style #4 but I have a question about Code style #3. Does this mean I should completely remove IHasModel and I register the model for all items in the registry? I clicked the link but I'm not sure if I'm fully understanding what Code style #3 is suggesting I actually do. Do I leave it in ItemBase or remove it entirely? Sorry about all these questions.
  3. Thank you for the advice and showing the problematic code! I'll update my code based on your comment. I'm just learning so I wasn't aware about Code Styles 3 and 4 although I guess I should have known that getContainerItem() wasn't needed.
  4. I'm feeling pretty dumb right now... I needed to create a new item from HandChiselIron instead of ChiselBase //From public static final Item HAND_CHISEL_IRON = new ChiselBase("hand_chisel_iron", ModMaterials.IRON_CHISEL, CHISEL_EFFECTIVE); //To public static final Item HAND_CHISEL_IRON = new HandChiselIron("hand_chisel_iron", ModMaterials.IRON_CHISEL, CHISEL_EFFECTIVE); Sorry 'bout that. EDIT: I'll leave the thread open for a little while in case anyone has any comments.
  5. I have been trying to create a chisel tool that can be used to break chunks off of bedrock. The problem is that whenever I try to override the onItemUse or onItemRightClick the methods do not get called. I have confirmed this by replacing my code with a simple message to tell me when the method has been called but receive no messages. Is anyone willing to help me fix the issue. I'll put the code below. Thanks in advanced. This is the base class I made for the chisels. package com.mrtinkerman.modularmachines.items; import java.util.Set; import com.mrtinkerman.modularmachi
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