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  1. When minecraft launching at the beggining before you reach the main menu, if i play another game,osu for instance, the game that i play at that moment freezes. not huge freezes i am talking about but it just dont let me play it smoothly. Thats probably because minecraft use so much resources like CPU or RAM dont know for sure. So can i make it use less resources or something like that so i can play another games while minecraft launching.
  2. I couldn't be sure where to post this topic. Can we limit minecraft when its loading mods? so when we play another game while it loads the mods that game dont freeze. Is there a way to do this? The freezes are not huge but it can be critical for games like osu!
  3. Yes thats why i tried without optifine first. I just removed the optifine and tried again today. Server running fine and my friend joined without issues. We had already tried it without optifine but that time wasn't successful for some reason... it is okay now thanks for replies.
  4. Oh, i forgot to mention it. We tried it without optifine and it didn't worked. But both of our clients had optifine even server didn't have it at that time. So i thought it might be better if i add optifine to server too. So the results were same with and without optifine. So we should remove optifine both on server and our clients? Can't we use shaders then? Or if the problem caused by optifine, can we fix it ?
  5. We were playing on Vanilla 1.16.4 server which is hosted by me using the server.jar. We were 4 people tho and played without any issues. Then we wanted to play modded on 1.16.4 so i setup a forge 35.1.0 version server. I was able to join the modded server, but one of my friend's server list was a bit awkward. When he refreshes the list my server is shown with an error which says "no connection". After couple things tried and restarted server several times, there was a change, the server list now shows there are 66 mods on server and it is compatible with his client. And it shows the player limit which is 20. Only one of my friend was able to test join thing so the problem might occured by him but not sure about that. There were no issues on vanilla so i dont see a reason why it gives error on forge server. So i wanted to get help. Debug.log: https://gist.github.com/AstralSeyyah/d4a8d7f05ee2dd76152fee5a3345b75f Latest.log: https://gist.github.com/AstralSeyyah/becddd0e5e008d4d21dd3f14422432de
  6. I'm trying to setup a server manually without hosts or etc. Using server files claimed from modpack's curseforge page. The problem is when I start server it just closes itself after sometime. I checked log file and it looks like language issue. My computer is Turkish so I thought it is the problem here. But dont know how can I fix it? crash-2019-09-30_03.31.56-server.txt latest.log
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