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  1. Hey there I just created an account to post this cause Iam really desperate right now evrytime I solve a problem a new one pops up. Iam Using Minecraft 1.4.7 and Forge x.x.x.x.497 1. I was adding some mods to my singleplayer had some ID conflicts but was able to solve them with ID resolver. Then I wanted to set up a server with the exact same mods . Most of the mods worked by copying the config files from the ssp to the smp. Except for Pams Harvestcraft mod. Iam not sure if its the mod itself or forge related, anyway the mod has a base mod and quite a few addons. If I add the Base only everythings fine but as soon as I put in ANY Addon the server gives me a lot of error that I can't figure out 2. IF I get it o work by leaving the addons out I can't join. Theres no Error message either It just stops connecting and shows me a blank Minecraft background screen with nothing but a "DONE" Button at the bottom of the screen. The console says : "INFO] j4k4n3[/] logged in with entity id 79 at (163.5, 70.62000000476837, -82.5) [iNFO] j4k4n3 lost connection: disconnect.endOfStream" 3. A lot of people told me to change ids manually in the configs for multiplayer (and it worked for some mods) but for a few mods I don't even get the config files because minecraft crashes before it can create them Thanks for every answer I can get please help me I've spent about 4 hours the last three days to get this to work I don't knkow anything else I can do Jakob
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