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  1. How could I make a custom colormap, that changes dynamically, for example, if I add seasons, that the grass and leave color changes to white in winter? (The mod should be client side only)
  2. I know 1.8 is veeeeeerrrrrryyyy old, but I wanted to make only a little mod, that coul'd use on public servers. I want to change the item model based on the displayName, so I tried to add a customMeshDefinition to a diamond_sword, but this doesn't work, so I also added a customMeshDefinition to a custom Item (what I don't want), but this works. Now I wan't to know why I can't add a customMeshDefinition to a vanilla item. And If it is yet possible, pls tell me how And sory that I still use 1.8 Megabaum
  3. I started a few days ago with Forge modding. (I've got some Java experience). So I decidet to make a little mod, which could change the model of items, based on their name. (example: I rename a diamondsword to legendary sword and then it would change the model). And I would like that the mod also runs on vanilla servers, so it must be client based. ( --> It can't add new items) I had success when I tried to replace the model completly, but that isn't that what I want. ModelLoader.setCustomModelResourceLocation(diamondSword.getItem(), 0, new ModelResourceLocation(M
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