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  1. I'm trying to create a block which uses a custom model and is rotatable on an axis like wood blocks. The specific error is: [02:54:06] [Server-Worker-2/WARN] [minecraft/ModelBakery]: Exception loading blockstate definition: 'jdyntreesmod:blockstates/block_oak_medium.json' missing model for variant: 'jdyntreesmod:block_oak_medium#axis=y' [02:54:06] [Server-Worker-2/WARN] [minecraft/ModelBakery]: Exception loading blockstate definition: 'jdyntreesmod:blockstates/block_oak_medium.json' missing model for variant: 'jdyntreesmod:block_oak_medium#axis=z' [02:54:06] [Server-Worker-2/WARN] [minecraft/ModelBakery]: Exception loading blockstate definition: 'jdyntreesmod:blockstates/block_oak_medium.json' missing model for variant: 'jdyntreesmod:block_oak_medium#axis=x' [02:54:06] [Server-Worker-2/WARN] [minecraft/ModelBakery]: Exception loading blockstate definition: 'jdyntreesmod:blockstates/block_oak_medium.json' in resourcepack: 'main': com.google.gson.stream.MalformedJsonException: Expected name at line 6 column 6 path $.variants. The Blockstate File: { "variants": { "axis=y": { "model": "jdyntreesmod:models/blocks/model_block_oak_medium" }, "axis=z": { "model": "jdyntreesmod:models/blocks/model_block_oak_medium", "x": 90 }, "axis=x": { "model": "jdyntreesmod:models/blocks/model_block_oak_medium", "x": 90, "y": 90 }, } } Before you ask: i removed the axis=none line because it was throwing the following error [02:54:06] [Server-Worker-2/WARN] [minecraft/ModelBakery]: Exception loading blockstate definition: 'jdyntreesmod:blockstates/block_oak_small.json' in resourcepack: 'main' for variant: 'axis=none': Unknown value: 'none' for blockstate property: 'axis' [x, y, z] The code i used to create the java File is identical to RotatedPillarBlock (For testing purposes) This is the Model .json { "credit": "Made with Blockbench", "parent": "minecraft:block/block", "ambientocclusion": false, "texture_size": [32, 16], "textures": { "particle": "jdyntreesmod:blocks/block_oak_medium" }, "elements": [ { "name": "oakLogMedium", "from": [3, 1, 3], "to": [13, 16, 13], "rotation": {"angle": 0, "axis": "z", "origin": [13, 16, 3]}, "faces": { "north": {"uv": [2.5, 5, 5, 12.5], "texture": "#particle"}, "east": {"uv": [0, 5, 2.5, 12.5], "texture": "#particle"}, "south": {"uv": [7.5, 5, 10, 12.5], "texture": "#particle"}, "west": {"uv": [5, 5, 7.5, 12.5], "texture": "#particle"}, "up": {"uv": [5, 5, 2.5, 0], "texture": "#particle"}, "down": {"uv": [7.5, 0, 5, 5], "texture": "#particle"} } } ], "display": { "thirdperson_righthand": { "rotation": [75, 45, 0], "translation": [0, 2.5, 0], "scale": [0.375, 0.375, 0.375] } } } Is the axis=none line the cause of the issue? If so, what can i do to fix the error associated with it? I hate jsons.
  2. So this means i have to rewrite everything is that correct?
  3. What would be the best/easiest way to update a mod from 1.12 to 1.14 or where can i find out how do this?
  4. I wrote a renderer for a custom projectile and everything works fine except the texture, which is just completely black. What can cause this? Bindtexture is called in the renderer. Any help would be appreciated. Also can sb link me a tutorial where i can learn more about how renderers work?
  5. Is there anything specific i have to add to the model or entity classes in order for the item to render? I'm using the ModelSkeleton code in my model class, so i probably can't post it here. The entity is using the item to shoot things, it just isn't rendering.
  6. For some reason i had in memory that all blocks could be set on fire like flammable blocks can. Everything is fine.
  7. It always sets the air block to "vertical" fire. Not sure why, that's my question.
  8. The issue is that if the block is hit from the side it will spawn a fire block which will then instantly disappear if there is no block beneath the air block which was set to fire, instead of setting the fire to be on the blocks side.
  9. I used if (this.world.isAirBlock(blockpos) && this.element == SpellElement.FIRE) { this.world.setBlockState(blockpos, Blocks.FIRE.getDefaultState()); } to set fire to blocks, however this doesn't set fire to the block if it's hit from the side. How do i do that?
  10. The projectile is completely black, not texture-error black with purple, just black. The brightness of the projectile is not the issue, i set it to a large value and it didn't change anything. The class is here. If possible, pls explain the issue, thx.
  11. When the projectile is shot, it almost never lines up with the crosshair and seems to be controlled partially by the players last movement, even thought the parts of the method that should be responsible for this are disabled. The complete class is here. What do i need to change?
  12. Since the class is rather large what would be the best way to share it here?
  13. I assume you mean this.world.checkLightFor(EnumSkyBlock.BLOCK,new BlockPos((int) x, (int) y, (int) z)); The issue is that my entity is a projectile, which means that it creates light at loads of different x,y and z positions. So i tried to remove the light the following way: if (this.emitsLight) { double x = 0; double y = 0; double z = 0; if(hasPrevLight) { removeLight(x,y,z); } this.addLight(10); x = this.posX; y = this.lastTickPosY; z = this.lastTickPosZ; this.hasPrevLight = true; } with hasPrevLight set to false when the entity is spawned and private void removeLight(double x, double y, double z) { this.world.checkLightFor(EnumSkyBlock.BLOCK,new BlockPos((int) x, (int) y, (int) z)); } Sadly this doesn't remove the lighting along the path.
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