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  1. I made a custom biome and i've searched for ages and i still haven't found it I was wondering how/if I can install the mod "natures compass" in the ide (eclipse) version of minecraft
  2. @Animefan8888 nvm I fixed it. I jsut changed the block model json. Thanks for all your help
  3. ok i removed those but there's still no texture
  4. @Animefan8888 I changed the side texture, but its still black
  5. removed both, but i have no texture now.
  6. sorry if its blurry i had to resize
  7. Sorry i meant to say a black texture I dropped the item to show how it's supposed to look, but there is just a black side texture, not the actual texture
  8. Ok i changed "block" to "blocks" in models/block but not the other two. Now i have the top texture texture but not the side texture
  9. Ok i did that. It seemed to do something but the texture is still messed up . here's the error
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