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  1. I completely understand the code rewriting on making previous mod versions obsolete, but if you know what code is changed you can just code Forge into converting the code from, say a 1.7.10 mod using the 1.7.10 Minecraft (MC) and Forge code, into the code used by the newer MC and Forge version. It's not impossible, and yes I know that would take a massive amount of time, effort, and accuracy before anyone gets triggered due to this probably being asked many times, but the team pretty much goes through that with rewriting the code every MC rewrite and mods use the combined MC and Forge code. All that's really necessary is to compile (non-coding definition) a reference library or something along the line listing the conversions from version X MC and it's corresponding Forge version, to version Y MC and it's corresponding Forge version so mod creators would be able to more easily port their mods from one version to another.
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