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  1. It does work, I forgot to push and pop the matrixStack. Thanks!
  2. I can't get it to work. For some reason One is appearing infront, the rest aren't. Code: https://github.com/Beardlessbrady/Currency-Mod/blob/d1bf4d63f8a2292f44aa759e233f832bfed52f2e/src/main/java/com/beardlessbrady/gocurrency/blocks/vending/VendingContainerScreen.java#L141 Screenshot example:
  3. I am wondering if it is possible to draw text infront of itemstacks. I can draw textures but for some reason text always appears behind itemstacks. Is this normal, if not I am probably doing something wrong.
  4. Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to hide all itemstack count rendering in your customized GUI
  5. Didn't you say not to send the pos through the constructor? That is how Im currently getting the tile?
  6. Thanks for the help, I really do appreciate it! Is there a way to detect in the containerScreen or container when one of the tracked data is changed on the client so it can trigger something in the containerScreen. If I try to do it with the mouseClick button in the containerScreen it seems like the mouseClick is called before the data is updated on the client side, so it uses the previous data value. In terms of putting the tile in the constructor I run into the 'new' way to register things in Forge not being happy: https://github.com/Beardlessbrady/Currency-Mod/b
  7. For example if I just output the data via init() in the clientScreen, click the button, close and reopen the GUI to run the init() method, it is still zero. Also in terms of what you said earlier about getting the tile on the client side. Yes I can add whatever method I want to the container but I don't see how running a get tile method on the client container (itself) would get the tile?
  8. Yes you are correct. I suppose my issue is more pulling the data from inside the containerScreen. If I try to get the data in the containerScreen it just returns 0 as if it wasn't changed.
  9. In terms of getting the tile from the openContainer I am not seeing any method or way to get a tile entity from openContainer. With my issue I initially was having the message just flip the value (if 0 set as 1, vice versa), then I was just messing around to see if I could get it working by only setting it to 1. Anyways I have it commented out here: https://github.com/Beardlessbrady/Currency-Mod/blob/master-1.16/src/main/java/com/beardlessbrady/gocurrency/network/MessageVendingStateData.java#L54 But just tried it uncommented, and commenting out the other parts with no luc
  10. Alright. It seems that even if I send a packet from client to server to update it, it does infact update the server side but it isn't then sending the data back to the client end. https://github.com/Beardlessbrady/Currency-Mod/blob/master-1.16/src/main/java/com/beardlessbrady/gocurrency/blocks/vending/VendingContainerScreen.java#L50 Although it is commented out, I have tried it not commented...with no luck
  11. Ok so it seems to sync if I set it on client or server in the CONTAINER but if I change it in the CONTAINER SCREEN it actually doesn't even seem to be going over to the client data in the container for some reason... For example: Using a button to change the value https://github.com/Beardlessbrady/Currency-Mod/blob/master-1.16/src/main/java/com/beardlessbrady/gocurrency/blocks/vending/VendingContainerScreen.java#L49
  12. I moved my containers constructors around and now trackIntArray is called on both ends, it is still not working. https://github.com/Beardlessbrady/Currency-Mod/blob/master-1.16/src/main/java/com/beardlessbrady/gocurrency/blocks/vending/VendingContainer.java#L95
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