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  1. Sorry for another post, Is there a resource I can look at to see what classes have been renamed to?
  2. Hello, I am trying to find where IntArray went in 1.17.1. In the container class it seems to implement IIntArray but I cannot find that class and don't seem to have access to it
  3. Is there anyway to override this? Or another method to sync server to client
  4. Hello. I am tracking an Int Array to sync the data value between server and client. For some reason the tracked IntArray's max value is the Short Max Value, 32767 and when passing that, it overloads. https://github.com/Beardlessbrady/Currency-Mod/blob/master-1.16/src/main/java/com/beardlessbrady/gocurrency/blocks/vending/VendingContainer.java#L113 Is this normal, if not any ideas what could be causing this? The value is fine when being set up until I get the value from the client
  5. I figured it out. Apparently you dont need to do all that anymore to make part of your block transparent.
  6. I am trying to render a model in layers. In 1.12 one had to override the #canRenderInLayer method and use forge multi-layer json format, I am unsure how it works in 1.16.5
  7. I am sending a packet from client to server to update data but when another client opens the GUI the data has not been updated. Packet to Server: https://github.com/Beardlessbrady/Currency-Mod/blob/master-1.16/src/main/java/com/beardlessbrady/gocurrency/network/MessageSetPrice.java Sending Packet: https://github.com/Beardlessbrady/Currency-Mod/blob/master-1.16/src/main/java/com/beardlessbrady/gocurrency/blocks/vending/VendingContainerScreen.java#L296 Should I be sending a packet to the client when it opens the GUI, if so how do I determine the information has changed and they need an update?
  8. Oh I see, I wasn't sure what you meant by that, thank you that has made it work!
  9. Yes. Ill attach the files here incase I did something wrong Build.Gradle: https://github.com/Beardlessbrady/Currency-Mod/blob/44372f478306780136a2e572064419841a89c40e/build.gradle#L24 AccessTransfomer: https://github.com/Beardlessbrady/Currency-Mod/blob/44372f478306780136a2e572064419841a89c40e/src/main/resources/META-INF/accesstransformer.cfg
  10. I have added the file yet Intellij will not allow me to build as it still thinks the variable is final.
  11. In previous versions one could change the x and y positions, these positions seem to be final now and can't be changed. Any idea how to change them?
  12. I am trying to send a network packet from Server to Client on GUI open. For some reason when I attempt this, on the client side it states "Unknown custom packet identifier: gocurrency:main_channel " which means it is not registered correctly on the client side but I am fairly positive I registered it correctly. Any ideas? Where packet is being sent from server: https://github.com/Beardlessbrady/Currency-Mod/blob/8c4274c8ae99f4435113f4339194c061a90ecbca/src/main/java/com/beardlessbrady/gocurrency/blocks/vending/VendingBlock.java#L55-L62 Packet Registration: https://github.com/Beardlessbrady/Currency-Mod/blob/8c4274c8ae99f4435113f4339194c061a90ecbca/src/main/java/com/beardlessbrady/gocurrency/network/NetworkHandler.java#L30 Message: https://github.com/Beardlessbrady/Currency-Mod/blob/8c4274c8ae99f4435113f4339194c061a90ecbca/src/main/java/com/beardlessbrady/gocurrency/network/MessageVendingStackSizeToClient.java
  13. It does work, I forgot to push and pop the matrixStack. Thanks!
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