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  1. Basically, I have 2 types of fuel rods (items) that go into the slots (reactor). If there is only "Uranium" in the container (reactor), then return true. If there is only "Plutonium" in the container (reactor), then return true. If there is a mix of "Uranium" and "Plutonium" in the container (reactor), then return false.
  2. Hey. The title says it all, I need to compare 8 slots in my custom container and see if they have the same items in them. (empty slots are fine) The only way I can think to do it is with a ton of if statements, is there a better way to do this? Thanks, TheRealMcrafter
  3. Thank you so much! That little line of code is the only thing I needed to prevent myself from smashing my face into my keyboard! BUT all of the blocks rotate, not just the one I power. What am I doing wrong? EDIT: Oops! I had old code in my updateEntity() method. It's working perfectly. Thanks!
  4. The ONLY thing I need to know is how to make it so I only affect the one block instead of all of the blocks in the world. I cannot put TileEntity tile = world.getTileEntity() because there is no reference to "world." in my renderer class.
  5. Would you mind posting the code that is in your TileEntity class please?
  6. Thank you so much! I have been trying so hard to figure this out on my own. It never occurred to me to use metadata. I was actually trying to make the model render from the block class. Haha. Edit: I'm still confused about how to do this. I need to rotate a part of my model rapidly in succession to create the illusion of motion. How can I make it so that when there is a redstone signal the part will spin, without using public static in my model class file?
  7. Hello, I'm very new to modding, and new to Java as well (I have tons of experience with other programming languages however) and I have run into a problem when trying to animate my custom rendered model. The block is rendered perfectly, and I got it to animate when it received a redstone signal. However, all blocks in the world would animate, not just the one I was giving a redstone signal to. WAIT! Before you say "Great.... another idiot who doesn't understand static variables," I know that static allows the variable to be shared across all of the blocks in the world, so I removed the static part of my variables. Now, the animation doesn't run. I have tried: public static ModelRenderer PedestalOne; -> Animation works, but runs on all blocks in the world. public ModelRenderer PedestalOne; -> Animation doesn't run. ModelRenderer PedestalOne; -> Animation doesn't run. I have tried various ways to render the model from outside of the Model class, but I am unable to figure this out. Classes: BlueGeneralSiren.java BlueSirenTileEntity.java BlueGeneralSirenRenderer.java GeneralSirenModel.java Any help would be appreciated. There is probably a really easy fix for this but I am just overlooking it. -mcrafter
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