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  1. Correct me if i'm wrong, but players don't use SharedMonsterAttributes, because player != monster
  2. Can you post the class where you register your tile entity?
  3. Can you post your tile entity class and the crash report please?
  4. You are setting the inventory slot with your item, and then getting the item you just set. You want to do this: ItemStack slotStack = inventory.getStackInSlot(slot); ItemStack currentStack = inventory.getStackInSlot(inventory.currentItem); if (slotStack != null){ inventory.setInventorySlotContents(inventory.currentItem, slotStack); } else { //return here? if you want to } if (currentStack != null){ inventory.setInventorySlotContents(slot, currentStack); } else { //same as above } Also, I dont know if you can do these operations on the client side, since you are using Minecraft.getMinecraft().thePlayer (client side player)
  5. I'd suggest studying in depth EntityAIOwnerHurtByTarget and EntityAIOwnerHurtTarget
  6. Okay, well coolAlias' point still goes, you dont need to make 2 threads about the same thing.
  7. As coolAlias pointed out, he already told you in your other thread that was "SOLVED 100%" that you are not handling cases where the entity can be null.
  8. Also, there isnt any EntityUndead class in 1.7.10 this.tasks.addTask(5, new EntityAIWatchClosest(this, EntityUndead.class, 1.0F)); Do you see any red squares on the right side of your class file?
  9. I believe he wants an auto killing mod, where as long as there is an entity in the crosshairs, attack it (like for a blaze farm, in his case)
  10. Listen to what people are telling you.... if (!this.getAggressive()) { means if this.getAggressive equals false which means as long as the mob IS NOT aggressive, do the following block of code
  11. You do not handle a case where Minecraft cannot find any entities. What is on this line? at com.ferret.myfirstmod.items.ItemIceMask.onArmorTick(ItemIceMask.java:86) EDIT: Woops, i'm blind. I see it.
  12. Try naming them something like SteamEngineWaterPortChanged, then back to steamEngineWaterPort I had this before, where I had SiliconOre, so I renamed it to siliconOre. Didn't fix the problem. Put it back to SiliconOre, then added something onto it. Then reverted it back to normal.
  13. If you meant that, then you should have put that in your original post. How do you expect people to magically guess what you are doing? Like I said above, you originally had if(this.gethealth = 1000<0){ which Java is interpreting as trying to set the left side to the right side, so in this case, this.getHealth to false. You really need to read over what you write before you post it, because you make no sense whatsoever.
  14. Doesn't seem to work when putting it in my main class file. Was there a specific spot to put this code? You need to make an event handler and register it in your main class file. Then you put that in the event handler. Regarding all of your other errors, delete that code Boonie gave you. He gave you 1.7.10 code when this is for 1.8.
  15. Seriously? How can your IDE even let you do something stupid like this??? if(this.gethealth = 1000<0) Here is whats happening: Mini Java Guy Inside Your Computer: Okay! I'm gonna do an if statement now! Mini Java Girl Inside Your Computer: Sweet! I haven't done one of those in a while. Ill help you out. Mini Java Guy Inside Your Computer: Gonna get this entity's health.... Mini Java Girl Inside Your Computer: Okay, I'll set it to false... Mini Java Guy Inside Your Computer: Wait... you can't SET a variable by using a GETTER METHOD. Mini Java Guy Inside Your Computer: *Highlights this statement with a red squiggly line* Mini Java Guy Inside Your Computer: if(this.gethealth = 1000<0){ Mini Java Boss Inside Your Computer: You're both fired! Console: java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem: The left-hand side of an assignment must be a variable You are trying to set the health. You need if (this.getHealth() <= 1000){ EDIT: Woops, totally scrolled past SuperJedi224's post.
  16. Everyone who posted here tried to help you. We are giving you suggestions to try, and you aren't even replying saying if the System.err.println() worked or not, and if it is being run clientside. We are normal people with jobs, and school, etc. We take the time to try and help you, and you dismiss it, and then make another post 5 minutes later asking us to spoon feed you code. So before you come here and tell us that no one tried to help you, read what we have said and do it.
  17. I believe you want: if (equipped.equals(stack){ } == won't always do what you expect.
  18. Honestly, thanks for the opinion. I used to be like that with my source too. I'm not concerned about my source being released, I'm concerned about a tester releasing a ridiculously buggy mod to the public. And in reality, I could just send them unique download links and count downloads on them, but well, I tend to overcomplicate things sometimes. Just wanting to screw around with file sending really.
  19. Right on the money. I figured I'd look deeper into this, just thought I'd see if there was anything built into forge to help me out.
  20. Well then how do crash reporting mods do it? They can upload the crash report to a remote server.
  21. Hey, is there any event, or a way to tell me if minecraft is about to crash? I want, when minecraft is about to crash, to run some code.
  22. I think you misunderstand. My beta testers cannot commit to my github. They get access to my beta builds, and report problems to my issues page. I dont want them spreading around the download link, so I'd like my mod to communicate with a file in my github repo and tell me if one of my testers is spreading around the link. (Also I need this for future use in my mod)
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