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  1. Yes I know this because the public ip changes almost daily
  2. Just recently me and my friends made a forge server on his computer. Up until a few days ago, I have had no problems joining. Every time I go to join I get past "Logging In" and then I get "Disconnected". Nothing shows up in the server logs that I attempted to join. This is also happening to my other friends. The only one that can join is my friend that is hosting the server. I went over to his house today and I was able to join with his local ip. We have checked the port forward and checked throughout his routers settings. We have also gone through his firewall on his computer and we were still having this problem. I am only putting this out here because we have searched google for answers and have come up with nothing. Nothing changed prior to the error the server was the same as it was the day before. Please help I couldn't think but to post this here.
  3. I just changed my forge version to the newest one and in the launcher I get the message "Error! Unable to start game"
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