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  1. I havent really attempted much couse i dont know know how to approach it. This is my current doing since i posted this.I just have him looking at each pedestal ass the ritual happens. but ideally i want it to be not pedestal dependant and a fluid motion not jumping from one to the next. Ill attach a video demo.
  2. Im trying to make the player rotate on spot (as if the mouse was constantly moving just right, or just left) like this, but no Y movement like the video attached. Im on the player tick event, but i dont think i fully understand the look vector and the lookat method to implement this.
  3. Just checked, it does, thanks so much! Will post code for future searchers:
  4. But the shulker box doesn't tell you it's content on the tool tip, does it?
  5. I have an block that stores its content when broken via the loot table functions, like this: im not sure how to acces that information from the ItemStack#addInformation method, at the moment i have this in my tile, which all works, breaking and placing stays with the same item and variable values: and on the add info i have this, which i knew it wouldn't work, but im not sure how to approach it:
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