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  1. Hello! I have a big issue with my 1.12.2 Forge Server! I want to play a custom made Modpack with my friend and hosted a server. After testing it we had issues with it. When we destroyed blocks there still there (item dropped tho), after we interact with it (like walking thru it or placing a block next to it) it dissapears. Even tho the Server has enough power to run it. there are no connection issues like Ping or Internet, so when we punch us its directly there (no Internet Lag) I tried to remove all Mods ("Vanilla" Forge Server works) but after i put in 1 mod it starts lagging
  2. I installed the newest 1.12.2 Bukkit Server Version. I installed the newest Version of the "UltimateTimber" Plugin. Every time when i try to Chop a Tree in Survival Mode this issue is coming in theServer Consol: In Creative Mode there is no issue, even if im not OP. The Plugin is also there ifi type /plugins Is the Plugin Version not compatible, or not compatible with Bukkit at all?
  3. Hello guys im new here. So here my problem. BTW Dont have the best english! Im trying to modify the Modpack Tekxit3 for my own with a couple of mods that i want to remove and add. All great but i wanted to put the existing Config files from Tekxit3 into my customized one. The config files make the Modpack looking a little different. i dont talka bout the CustomMainMenu Mod. The Minecraft Window has now a custom Icon and acustom Text "Tekxit 3 (Official) 1.12.2". I just dont know wich Config changes that! I want to configurate it on my own. Wha
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