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  1. hi, im trying to check if a player uses a totem. i asumed a totem use would be tied to the PlayerItemConsumeEvent, but i appear to be incorrect is there an event that can check for this or do i have to approch this in another way? cheers, the code i tried is this: @EventHandler public void on_player_consume(PlayerItemConsumeEvent event) { Player p = (Player) event.getPlayer(); p.sendMessage("item used"); } and it doesnt fire upon consuming a totem.
  2. hi, im looking for a way to check if is/contains an entity rather than a block, ive tried stuff like this but cant seem to get it to work: if (mc.world.getBlockState(pos).getBlock() == null) cheers
  3. could you let me know if im implimenting this properly? public void placeItemsInDispenser() { this.mc.player.inventory.currentItem = this.shulkerSlot; ItemStack shulker = this.mc.player.getHeldItem(EnumHand.MAIN_HAND); inventory.insertItem(this.debugSlot.getValue(), shulker, false); } I tried a range of values for slotID and it doesnt seem to transfer over
  4. After placing a dispenser block I want to transfer an item from my hotbar into the dispenser, I have the following code: this.mc.player.inventory.currentItem = this.shulkerSlot; TileEntity dispenser = this.mc.world.getTileEntity(dPos); ItemStack shulker = this.mc.player.getHeldItemMainhand(); dispenser.setInventorySlotContents(1, shulker); this is meant to place the item that is in my hand into the dispenser at slot 1, however the method setInventorySlotContents() doesnt seem to exsist in that context thanks the error is The method setInventorySlotContents(int, ItemStac
  5. Is there a way to trigger a method upon a player (yourself) killing another player? I understand there is the LivingDeathEvent method that triggers upon an entity being killed however I dont see a way to know if the player was the cause of death. Here's my code: @SubscribeEvent public void kill(LivingDeathEvent event) { if (event.getEntity() instanceof EntityPlayer) { if (event.getEntity().getKiller().getName() == mc.player.getName()) { // do something } } } the getKiller() isnt a function and is just throwing an error
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