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  1. I'm not asking you to write the code or anything for me, but could you be a little more specific. is there a list of available constructors i can look at pertaining to this?
  2. it's been a while unfortunately, since 1.14.4 so im a little rusty. but i have this so far: MarijuanaCraft1.16.5/PurgeButton.java at main · drmdgg/MarijuanaCraft1.16.5 (github.com)
  3. ...i have old code from 1.14.4 that does not work. this.addButton(new Button(relX + 18, relY + 15, 5, 20, "PURGE", button -> PacketHandler.sendToServer(new C2SRequestStartOven(tileEntity.getPos())))); this.addButton(new Button(relX + 18, relY + 15, 5, 20, "PURGE", button -> PacketHandler.sendToServer(new C2SRequestStartOven(tileEntity.getPos())))); gets "The constructor Button(int, int, int, int, String, Button.IPressable) is undefined"
  4. if it wasn't spawing an extra "column" then it must be my laptop being garbage. and i thank you. i knew it had to be something registered that was missing are you able to help me with a button or should i make a new topic?
  5. hopefully it will compile this time drmdgg/MarijuanaCraft1.16.5 (github.com)
  6. im saying i am using the Git Client "GitHub Desktop"
  7. i did, except in the case of changing the line of code i just posted im using GitHub Desktop
  8. thank you, that got the gui to come up, https://github.com/drmdgg/MarijuanaCraft1.16.5/blob/07db89d8b03f89c86d01893936d40a3ac2e412ee/src/main/java/drmdgg/marijuanacraft/init/BlockInit.java#L36 however, it still spawns another "column" when the gui it opened
  9. Hope this helps. drmdgg/MarijuanaCraft1.16.5 (github.com) which overrides are you referring to?
  10. Hello, i am currently updating my mod to 1.16.5 and i need a little help. my GUIs aren't loading. please see below for links to Tile Entity, Container, Screen, and Block classes. TileEnt: MarijuanaCraft1.16.5/ColumnTileEntity.java at main · drmdgg/MarijuanaCraft1.16.5 (github.com) Container: MarijuanaCraft1.16.5/ColumnContainer.java at main · drmdgg/MarijuanaCraft1.16.5 (github.com) Screen: MarijuanaCraft1.16.5/ColumnScreen.java at main · drmdgg/MarijuanaCraft1.16.5 (github.com) Block: MarijuanaCraft1.16.5/ColumnBlock.java at main · drmdgg/MarijuanaCraft1.16.5 (github.com) any help is greatly appreciated. thanks
  11. a picture is worth 1000 words model: https://github.com/drmdgg/mcraft1.15.2/blob/master/src/main/java/drmdgg/marijuanacraft/client/models/CentaurModel.java render: https://github.com/drmdgg/mcraft1.15.2/blob/master/src/main/java/drmdgg/marijuanacraft/client/renders/CentaurRender.java any idea why this is happening? my custom villager renders fine and my custom wolf as well.
  12. what program do you use for models? blockbench doesn't include everything for 1.15 that supposed to be there
  13. well i got the deferred register spawn egg working (almost) is this my model doing this?
  14. is your github up to date so i can look?
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