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  1. Well is there anyway I can see the lag spikes causes from ingame like F3 menu or is it just purely testing and knowing what could cause this?
  2. Okay so it is in the dev env and in the "production" use with other mods, my mod is using RestAPIs to request data and displaying UI and data from the api requests.
  3. Hello I am noticing lags spikes when using my mod what ways are there to identify what part of my mod is causing this?
  4. my bad I was looking at the wrong project, it was my 1.8 project found it in the 1.16 one thanks!
  5. this is all I could find in TextureAtlasSprite : TextureUtil.uploadTextureMipmap
  6. Another question how do I draw over the blocks texture like what do I need to be able to draw over the block object? And when do I draw them I can't imagine drawing them each individually on chunk load or? any pseudocode or example class I could look at?
  7. Hello, so I wanted to make a mod that changes the blocks texture under certain conditions like for example if the scoreboard has a certain string all wool textures will be replaced with my custom texture. How would I set the texture for a block and show it when they enter a world with the scoreboard condition?
  8. Smart didn't think of that, thanks
  9. SO I was trying to get the player to render in the gui I only got it to receive the skinResource and draw that skintexture in the gui but without a player model just the blank file texture in the gui. Any resources where I can look for an example on how to do it.
  10. SO I have the following code I've been looking through the gui of the Minecraft menus and replicated them but somehow my buttons don't seem to take the correct texture. Code: https://paste.md-5.net/figovuzufa.java Image:
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