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  1. It's on Optifine's Todo, doesn't seem like it's going to happen any time soon though
  2. I see, thanks for the explanation. No clue what's causing this then. It's really weird. It works on Vanilla Optifine, and on Fabric, but not on forge itself. Guess it has something to do with how Optifine handles custom item textures using Forge, which i guess isn't really fixable without Optifine's code being open-source haha. Thanks for the replies anyways. Have a nice day/night/whatever time it is where you all are
  3. Yeah, Optifine allows for custom models being assigned to items when renamed, for example, renaming Oak stairs to "Chair" changes the model to a chair, and then putting it into an item frame, essentially allows you to place the model onto the ground. Sorry, i can't really explain it much, i'm not really experienced with this kind of stuff. Essentially, every thing in here that is not something you'd normally see in Vanilla is a Custom Item Texture, being placed into an item frame. I guess that's the best way i could put it. I have no clue what's causing this error, though.
  4. I don't really know if this counts as a suggestion or a bug report as I don't know if it's intentional, but forge seems to have problems loading models used by CIT resource packs, only references i see in consoles are: [Optifine] Error registering model: (Modelname) and [Optifine] File not found: optifine/cit/(Resourcepack)/(Modelname) would really love to be able to use custom item model resource packs like Ghoulcraft and Mizunocraft and was wondering if support for CIT packs is possible in the future. Thanks
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