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  1. Hi I want to hire a modder to make a 1.16 mod, I would pay by PayPal and the total budget for it is 70$ The project has a lot of things completed in terms of models and textures but is missing 80% of the code and needs to be re written from the beginning since the current code is not good, further details will be discussed in private Details about the hardest parts of the mod: - Includes developing two new recipe systems which are almost the same but have some small differences - Includes custom block models (the models are already done) - Adds around 20 items that need to have custom nbt tags Requirements: - Discord account - Show at least one example of a mod project - Small coding test - Be at least 18 years old or have permission of your legal tutors
  2. Im new at modding so probably this have an obvious error but plz somebody tell me how can i make this works, it is intended to return a value in relation to the moon phase public float endWorldTick(TickEvent.WorldTickEvent event) { float x = 0; if(event.side.isServer() && event.phase == TickEvent.Phase.END) { World world = event.world; if(world.provider.getDimension() == 0) { if(world.getMoonPhase() == 1.0f) { x = 15.0f; } } } return x; }
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