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  1. Thanks. I looked at it; a lot of the files require a dependency that I dont want to use. I feel kinda lost in the newest version of the game. Something as simple as a crafting table is stumping me.
  2. Does anyone have a good tutorial that goes over everything I would need to make a custom 3x3 crafting table? or a reference mod of some sort?
  3. Yeah basically. Just trying to make a normal 3x3 custom crafting table. I looked at those and tried to apply them but I'm struggling. Who knew that when porting my 1.7.10 mod to 1.18.2 I'd get stuck on crafting tables, lol.
  4. It does what its "supposed" to do. I just don't understand what to change to make it work with a standard Pattern, Key, Result json and a 3x3.
  5. Well clearly what I have doesn't serve my purposes. There isn't much online about making a custom crafting table (at least not that I could find). The matches method searches one index instead of a 3x3 and I see that the ShapedCrafting class has 3 methods for getting json inputs. I haven't been able to successfully mimic these. Currently nothing happens in the crafting table, it opens but no inputs produce an output. I assumed it was just my matches method and json method but I don't know exactly.
  6. I want to make a custom crafting table for 1.18.2. I have done this with 1.7.10 but Im lost in the new version. I have used these videos to get where I am: and I want to make a crafting bench like vanilla (3x3), however I need the code to be able to use shaped and shapeless (if possible, if not just shaped is okay). And I want to be able to use this code to make other benches 2x2 or 5x5. Figured if I got a vanilla type 3x3 working I could modify the file to whatever else I would need. Here is the GitHub: https://github.com/Symbols97/1.18.2-OPWeapons-github/blob/main/OPWeapons/src/main/java/com/Symbols97/OPWeapons I know the Matches method is wrong and I think my fromJson method. Not sure where to go though. A point in the right direction or a reference would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I am new to Minecraft modding and was curious as to how I would go about implementing NEI into my mod. I have a custom crafting table and the only recipes that show in NEI are the ones that are registered to the standard crafting table. Any one have an idea of how I would start to go about this? Thank you.
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