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  1. Basically, in the task manager, theres a java process meaning java is open, but the minecraft icon doesnt show up on the bottom bar thing how to fix this??? btw if you look at the log file, its super short for some reason latest.log
  2. if no window appears at all, maybe you need a run.bat file to open it instead of just clicking the .jar
  3. Forge stuck on loading screen when the loading bar is at 100%, nothing happens??? except "Not Responding", i guess its just "Freezing Data" then minecraft freezes
  4. So yesterday I installed Forge and downloaded some mods to play. Everything seemed to go well until I launched the game... and it just doesn't work for some reason. I tried to remove the mods, and Forge did run without any mods but lets be honest, what's the point of Forge without mods? My mods: Quark, AutoRegLib (required for Quark to run, according to the website) I also have Badlion Client installed, if that's somehow useful information. Or maybe it's just because of my 10000 year old ancient toaster PC Heres the logs, its my system language and idk how to chan
  5. ok i installed forge, my mods and all that stuff, i threw the mods into the mods folder, i opened minecraft, i went to mods menu and i cant find my mods i made sure that my mods and forge is at the correct version, i installed git and java, also im playing on 1.12.2 heres my what my mod folder looks like (i censored some parts because i dont want everyone to know my language)
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