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  1. I've reinstalled Eclipse, because I couldn't figure out, how to tell Eclipse, where to look. Now it works perfect. Thanks for your fast help.
  2. I have installed AdoptOpenJDK and uninstalled JDK but now eclipse can't find a JDK. I've added AdoptOpenJDK to the system Path. Whats going wrong?
  3. Is the Download above really free from Malware?
  4. Funny what clicking on Download does https://login.oracle.com/mysso/signon.jsp
  5. And what's about JDK 11? I can't find the download-link to JDK 10.
  6. Hello Everyone In the past i've always used the JDK 8, but now I can't download it again without an Oracle account. Does it matter, which JDK I use? Yours Faithfully
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