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  1. Okay, I figured out the Libraries problem, but now it simply stops at the loading screen again...
  2. Hi I've been having many issues with downloading any version of forge lately, along with being able to play on Minecraft at all if it downloads. This has not been a problem for the other vanilla versions of Minecraft as they work completely fine, and forge used to work fine until it started to freeze during the loading process. Even with no mods, it refused to load into Minecraft at all. I tried uninstalling the forge, which did not work, and then I tried to completely remove Minecraft off of my computer and re-installing everything, but all that really did was give me the "Libraries failed to download problem". I tried using Power Shell, but after about 10 tries I gave up. downloading literally every file that was stated to be missing was a serious pain, but even then, three files stay put on the error screen. It's sad because I really enjoy playing Minecraft with mods (Not a fan on the vanilla version at all) and I would do a lot to get Minecraft working properly again. hopefully someone can help me out
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