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  1. im not sure where that is located. i know where the normal logs are but i dont have a debug folder that i can see. do you know the path to find them? 2020-10-05-1.log.gz 2020-10-05-2.log.gz 2020-10-05-3.log.gz 2020-10-05-4.log.gz latest.log
  2. Everytime i try to run it it starts up for a couple seconds and then its not reponding, and wont load any further. ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the modpack, mincraft itself and trying earlier versions and nothing seems to work. heres the latest logs latest.log 2020-10-05-1.log.gz
  3. That looks really great!!! ill ask the mod author if theyll allow me to add upon that. in the meantime im gonna start looking at how to do the basics
  4. I am a modding virgin, and i want to take on a huge modding endeavor. My friends and I play alot of D&D 5th ed and we think it would be awesome to have some sort of similar but seperate and definitley unlicensed mod that allows a leveling system and skills and such into the game, along with monsters, classes, spells, and maybe a few dozen or hundred items that i can add into the game. problem is, i dont even know where to start. ive decided i would like to start out making some sort of magic or wizard, warlock, sorcerer mod to start out and expand upon but again, dont know how. If anyone is interested and would like to help me find some sort of free resource on how to do this or would like to take the idea and run with it, it would be much appreciated.If I do figure out how to do this effectively, ill keep it all as open source and configurable as I can, but im not sure on all the workings of it. Thank you very much and i hope to hear from you guys
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