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  1. Yikes I was presented with a few "software offers" while using the phony installation, and luckily had the presence of mind to decline them (for whatever that might've helped). I guess that should've been indicator enough that something was off.
  2. Google isn't my search engine, so I must've gotten a different set of results.
  3. Oh. Thank you. I couldn't remember where I'd downloaded my previous version of forge, so I didn't remember what the legitimate site looked like.
  4. The official website, I thought: https://minecraftforged.com/#
  5. I was formerly using 1.14.4, and went to update forge to the latest version. Upon attempting to open the installation file, I'm greeted with an error message: "Something went wrong, please try again!" I'm given no other description of the problem. This doesn't seem to be 1.15.1 specific, either, as I tried again with another version and got the same error. I've tried running Jarfix (as outlined in "common problems and solutions") and re-installing Java, but the problem hasn't been resolved. Any ideas as to what this might be? (In case this is relevant, I'm on Windows 10)
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