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  1. I managed to figure out what I was doing wrong thanks to a link on the page that TheGreyGhost suggested. The IIntArray I was setting was getting the TileEntity for both client and server, meaning the client was using its version of the TileEntity instead of the servers one. I fixed it by adding a separate Container constructor for server and client, where the server one accepts an IIntArray parameter and the client one instigates a new one. Then in the createMenu, call the servers constructor with the servers tiledata. @Override public Container createMenu(in
  2. I don't want to upload all my code online yet, sorry. But I can post the main classes of just the block here and maybe you all can check if I'm missing something? Block Class: public class DEBlock_TinkeringTable extends Block implements DEMachineNetworkHandler.IDENetworkBlock{ public DEBlock_TinkeringTable() { super(Properties.create(Material.ROCK).hardnessAndResistance(2.0f).sound(SoundType.METAL)); this.setDefaultState(stateContainer.getBaseState().with(BlockStateProperties.HORIZONTAL_FACING, Direction.NORTH)); } @SuppressWarnings("deprecation") @Override public Ac
  3. I checked it out but can't find much of a difference in how it functions besides mine being a bit simpler. Still have no idea what it could be though. Here is how I have my IIntArray set up. In TileEntity: ... public final IIntArray tiledata = new IIntArray() { @Override public int size() { return 3; } @Override public void set(int index, int value) { switch (index) { case 0: DETileEntity_TinkeringTable.this.ticksleft = value; break; case 1: DETileEntity_TinkeringTable.this.currentcrafttime = value; break; case 2: DETileEntity
  4. I have a TileEntity that needs to sync a craft progress with the client. Everything works perfectly except if I exit the gui while its crafting and then wait until it finishes. When I open it back up it will display the crafting progress frozen at where it was when I exited the gui. The only way to clear/fix the progress is to give it something new to craft or to log out and back in again, It doesn't fix if I take items out or put them in. I poked around in the code and it seems like IIntArray only updates if its different from the last value it remembers (in detectAndSendChanges). if there wa
  5. Thank you, this worked. I just implemented it on my item and overrode hasContainerItem to return true and getContainerItem to return the same item but with one less durability.
  6. I looked into it but it seems like getContainerItem is final so I couldn't override it, and both are labeled as "@Deprecated // Use ItemStack sensitive version.". I'm not sure how I would access the ItemStack method when my class extends Item. I found this suggesting I can override it so maybe I'm doing something wrong.
  7. Is it possible to damage an ItemStack that is used in a crafting recipe for recipes stored as Json? For example, a hammer that damages a little every time you craft ingots into a plate. I would like to do this in Json format as all my other recipes are that way and would like to be consistent, but I cannot find anything online about it in Json form. I was looking into "crafting_special_*" and maybe there's a way I can use that?
  8. I have a mod that adds it's own tree, planks, sticks, and crafting table. I would like to have my wood and items in the Ore Dictionary so they can be used in other mods. But the problem with this is instead of my planks making my sticks, or my crafting table, they instead make vanilla sticks and the vanilla crafting table. Is there some way I can fix this? Registered Ore Dictionary: Recipe for my crafting table:
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