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  1. I might try it soon. I noticed that Forge for Minecraft 1.15.1 doesn't support mods for 1.14, so I might have to downgrade Java editions.
  2. Hey guys! Whetewhey here! I'm new, not really a modder yet, but just passing through out of my interest in Minecraft as a whole and possibly practicing coding by modding, and I was just curious, in anyone's own, honest, unfiltered opinion, what is the Forge modding community, both on this forum, and at large like for you personally?
  3. Discovery: Forge 30.0.24 or minecraft 1.15.1-forge-30.0.24 works -fine- on Linux Mint. Steps used: Opened Minecraft launcher, installed and launched Minecraft 1.15.1 (the latest Minecraft version), closed game, installed and launched minecraft1.15.1-forge-30.0.24.
  4. I first installed Minecraft, then installed Forge 1.14.4-forge-28.1.111 using the installer. And when I run it, it shows a loading screen saying something about, "heap", and then it crashes three seconds later. I searched "Linux" in the search bar, and all I found were threads about people discussing other issues not specicfically with Linux Mint and its interactions with Forge, and no clear answers. Wait, I'm a programmer in the making. Let me see if I can figure it out. It looks like something's missing and it's throwing an error. Here's an error log I got after deleting forge 1.14.4-forge-28.1.111, installed and played 1.14.4, and then re-installed using forge 1.14.4-forge-28.1.0 It kind of seems like forge is using the wrong directory, and I am almost certain it has something to do with Linux Mint having a different directory from what forge is used to on Windows.
  5. Isn't Minecraftmodsz that sketchy-looking website with the mod links that lead you through all kinds of weird stuff? Looks like they've improved their looks at least.
  6. I'm trying to run Forge on Linux Mint for the first time which is probably the biggest mistake. Why is it that every time I launch any version of Forge for 1.14, the game immediately crashes after launch. And where can I find the log? I'm new to Linux Mint and cannot find much about it on this forum with the search feature. Update: Logs are now included. Log 1 with forge 28.1.0. Steps used: Downloaded Minecraft, installed Minecraft Launcher, installed Forge 28.1.0, ran Minecraft 1.14.4-forge-28.1.0
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