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  1. Starting in forge version 1.14.4-28.1.72 I've notices that mobs will spin while trying to path find. This includes sheep following the player or zombies tracking the player. I've checked versions 28.1.71 and 28.1.111 (latest) to confirm the behavior is still present. I did all of my testing with no mods installed (besides forge). Expected Behavior: Mobs that are path finding (sheep following wheat or zombies tracking a player, etc.) should move towards the player in a mostly straight line. Actual Behavior: Starting in version 28.1.72, mobs will randomly spin 360 degrees every few seconds. They mostly don't spin all together. This behavior is more frequent when the player is moving. Tested versions: 28.1.0 - good 28.1.70 - good 28.1.71 - good 28.1.72 - spinning 28.1.73 - spinning 28.1.111 (latest) - spinning
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