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  1. So just to clarify, what do the if statements return that are checking whether or not the player is wearing the armor? We really don't know what the exact problem is...
  2. Sorry for snapping at you then. Post your gui handler, your container, and your gui. Also, just go through every class and make sure the TileEntityFurnace isn't imported. Thst should immediately point out your problem.
  3. Packets. Most likely I would send a packet to the tile entity if you have one for consistencies sake, and then have the tile entity update the blocks state like the furnace does. Since packets have changed a lot in 1.7, look here for how to use them: www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Netty_Packet_Handling
  4. If you had any idea what you were doing you would know exactly where to look when I said that. public class TileEntityEFurnace extends TileEntityFurnace implements ISidedInventory
  5. Id recommend using the LivingDeathEvent.
  6. Maybe you shouldn't be yelling at him for not knowing English and should instead try to answer his question. Oh, and by the way, it's syntaxes.
  7. They really didn't... it's the same thing except EnumArmorMaterial is just Armor Material.
  8. Show us your main class and your onBlockActivated in your block too.
  9. If you know how to use metadata then use getIconFromDamage.
  10. Umm... I thought it was pretty self explanatory... the three methods take a variable from the tile entity and send it to the gui. Since the gui can't read the tile entity since it's on the client and the tile is on the server, the container has to manage their variables to make sure they are the same. That's why you see these methods check if, for example, the last burn time of the gui is the same as the tile entity. If you want to use them, just sub in your variables that you'll be using. If you only want to do exactly what you said in the first post, then just edit the gui. The container should do everything you'd like, but if not, just sub in your variables for the already-existing ones.
  11. Well, you've got SuperNova.guiIdOxidizer in the server side switch when you're looking for the fragmenter I do believe. Be careful how you copy and paste.
  12. Look at the vanilla furnace. To send the integer to the GUI, the container uses three methods. I think they're detectAndSendChanges, addCraftingToCrafters, and updateProgessBar. To have the time update, look at how the TileEntityFurnace class manages burnTime in updateEntity(). (Geez, I really need to do something different if I can remember all of that...)
  13. Check the onUpdate method. It does exactly what Alias said it does as long as the entity is a player.
  14. The furnace already sends an integer to the GUI, so al you would need to do is change where it gets the cook progress scaled and renders that as an image to just draw the burn time, cook time, or whatever you're looking for. Only the GUI should need to be changed as the container and the tile entity already take care of everything for you.
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