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  1. Alright, so I am officially done trying to use this service. Every 1.12 modpack I try is unworkable in one way or another. This wouldn't be a huge problem if I could find a way to fix it but every recent forum post asking for help gets a simple "fuck you play a later version mod, retard". I also tried fucking off as suggested but lo and behold 4/10 of the featured packs (4 were in the top 5 in the list) are for fucking 1.12. I'm really trying to work with what I have because I want modpacks that I can play with friends and this is pretty much the only way that'll happen. But at this point fuck you guys for shutting down threads of people who simply want to play a game when you're not helping make it clear that 1.12 is completely phased out. Also as a sidenote, all 4 featured packs were updated in at most a month so someone needs to tell them that the service they use doesn't want people to have fun with old versions of a game they own.
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