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  1. I know. That is the reason I want to know that the file he downloaded is the one it should be. I never ever said that I want to automatically download the file. When I said run is just run. The same you do double clicking a file in windows but clicking a button in a page. The first way I though of getting the installer is just to upload through a form but I can find the checksum of the file unless I do a web scraper. The second is to create myself the server and, then let my friend to do whatever he want. Even if I wanted to automatically download the file, I will push the user to the download page and grab the download link in the last step or something like that.
  2. Ok, I will rephrase my question. I have this friend that downloaded the forge from an untrusted site since he doesn't want to enter english sites. Since I was planning to do a manager for my servers I came here to know how to not bypass the system and ensure that the installer is downloaded from where it should. Unless you consider that running the server behind another program is bypassing the system, I don't understand why you treat me like a criminal for just asking how not to be one
  3. That's the reason why I didn't consider the option 1
  4. Ok, I understand you prefer people to bypass your system than helping them to not do so. I won't disturb you anymore
  5. Yeah. That's the first thing I'm more afraid of doing and the reason to get here to ask. This was an very old idea. In that time I did a quick search and only found tools to manage a single server. Now, I can find a couple of tools that do some of the things that I want but not all. I already have something similar developed for another game. Although it is only is in the level that it can be used to start/stop the servers, I can reuse the code to get this done and use this as an excuse to end that other project also. Is there any proper way to get the sha1 and md5 of the forge installers? I could make a web scraper pretty easily but I don't want to do this without permission. Thank you for your response.
  6. Hy. I'm planning on developing a web manager to keep organized my servers and to allow some users to turn them on and off without giving access to my machine. The point is that I wanted to allow some trusted people to create the servers but, although I trust them enough to know that they won't upload any malware intentionally, I am pretty sure they can end doing that unintentionally. Because of this, I was thinking in three options: Making the app to download the server Having a set of available servers (I can let the admin, ie. me, to upload the files needed for creating them) and the user choose from the list Allowing the user to upload the installer and checking the sha1 or md5. The option 2 would be the most beneficial for me in the long run as this will let me to expand pretty easy to another games and I could reuse to avoid security problems with the mods. My concern is that, with this option (and with the first), it may seem that I'm the owner of Forge. In my use case, all users knows what this is but I plan to upload the code to a public repository so that, if somenone finds it useful, they can download it. Also, I feel that this would stop the people from visiting the Forge page and that would make LexManos to earn less money (Forge is a truly amazing piece of work and I'm pretty sure it doesn't gets all the money he deserves). What would be the best way to address this issues? Or will be better to go with the third option?
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