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  1. I making a village and for that i made farm land to not rebuild the same farmland i use the structure block after i pasted it for some reason when i removed the structure block the white outline that indicates where the structure will be did not go away. So annoying.
  2. So i opened minecraft and searched for anvil but instead it was called "Dead weight" and the slightly damaged one "tile.bwm:deadweight.slightlyDamage.name" What its that? some sort of error made by mojang? btw i used forge 1.12.2
  3. I I've heard of that before but i do need the horse model but i need the model extracted to my computer to open it in block bench as a json.
  4. I need the minecraft horse to modify it like adding a better tail ,Etc I really don't know how to code but the good thing i'm using Mcreator. So where can i find this net.minecraft.client.renderer.entity.model? is it a line of code or something like that?
  5. I working on a horse mod that adds real life horses but i need the vanilla minecraft horse model to start, where can i get it? I've tried looking at the minecraft .JAR under \assets\minecraft\models\ but there's only a item and block folder no entity folder where can i find all of the .JSON files of entity's?
  6. Yes i have the official launcher. I do not have optifine as a mod its like the one in the picture. And also there's another picture with all the mods i have instal led. Could it be that all of those mod are preventing optifine to load?
  7. I Have recently changed to the official minecraft launcher but for some reason when i run forgeOptifine 1.12.2 it just runs forge if optifine did not exist. in my previous launcher that was tlauncher it worked fine until i changed launcher. How can i fix this?
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