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  1. @ChampionAsh5357 ,Thanks very mush. The most of your advise is useful and your review is amazing. However, I want to explain some things in this tutorial. 1. The useless Class I know these classes looks like useless for programmers who are experinced. But, as my practice I found that using separate class can help newcomers understand code better. So I will not change it. 2. The data generation Actually, I will introduce the Data generation in one chapter. I believe if people can not write json by hand and they will not understand the Data generation. Besides, In some cas
  2. Hey Everyone, this is FledgeShiu. I bring the 1.16.3 Modding Tutorial. This Tutorial is translated from my same name tutorial which written by Chinese. I’m not a native English Speaker. So that, this tutorial may have a lot of grammar and words problems. If you find any problem please tell me. If you have any question or feedback, welcome join my Discord Server . Notice: It's still in translation. Tutorial Link 1. Introducation 1.1. What is Forge? 1.2. How Minecraft Works? 1.3. Development Model 1
  3. I start a serial of Modding tutorial video, which will include Item, Block, TileEntity, special rendering, Entity, World Generation and so on. There is the link:YoutubePlayList. If you have any questions to ask, Welcome join my Discord Server. You can find the source code in there. context: Minecraft 1.16 Modding Tutorial - Setup Environment Minecraft 1.16 Modding Tutorial - Item
  4. Thanks, BasicParticleType is a convenient class.
  5. Maybe you are right, I should use the TexturedParticle. I want to create a lighting circle and don't think i need the TexturedParticle for this, that's why I don't use the TexturedParticle.
  6. @hiotewdew Thanks for replying. I add the lineWidth to my IParticleRenderType. public class ObsidianParticleRenderType implements IParticleRenderType { public static final ObsidianParticleRenderType INSTANCE = new ObsidianParticleRenderType(); @Override public void beginRender(BufferBuilder bufferBuilder, TextureManager textureManager) { RenderSystem.lineWidth(10.0F); RenderSystem.disableLighting(); RenderSystem.disableDepthTest(); RenderSystem.disableCull(); RenderSystem.enableBlend(); RenderSystem.defaultBlendFunc(); bu
  7. @TheGreyGhost, I want to render a particle which is just a simple line. But nothing shows in Game.
  8. Introduce: I'm working on making a custom particle from scratch. I want to render a particle which is just a simple line, but nothing shows in game. There are my codes. ObsidianParticle.java public class ObsidianParticle extends Particle { protected ObsidianParticle(World worldIn, double posXIn, double posYIn, double posZIn) { super(worldIn, posXIn, posYIn, posZIn); } @Override public void renderParticle(IVertexBuilder buffer, ActiveRenderInfo renderInfo, float partialTicks) { buffer.pos(0, 0, 0) .color(1, 0, 0, 1)
  9. Thanks Grey. I just solved this problem. I forge to override the getUpdateTag. Thank you anyway
  10. I write a TileEntity which holds the data in Server side. The server side data sync to client side by getUpdatePacket and onDataPacket. If I exit the Game save and enter it again, The Client Side TileEntity can't get NBT data by read(CompoundNBT compound). But after l put or get Item from the TileEntity, the Data will be synced. How can I let the Client Side TileEntity get the NBT data when the Saves load. Here is my code. AlchemyFurnaceBlockEntity.java package com.otakusaikou.spiritcraft.block.blockentity; import com.otakusaikou.spiritcraft.registry.BlockEntityTypeRegistry
  11. Should Override hasTileEntity(BlockState state) not hasTileEntity()
  12. Minecraft Version: 1.14.4 Forge: 28.1.0 I've tried to set breakpoint in createTileEntity, But It didn't trigger. ModBlocks.java package com.otakusaikou.tour14.blocks; import net.minecraft.tileentity.TileEntityType; import net.minecraftforge.registries.ObjectHolder; public class ModBlocks { public static ObsidianBlock obsidianBlock = new ObsidianBlock(); @ObjectHolder("tour14:obsidian_block") public static TileEntityType<?> OBSIDIANBLOCK; } ObsidianBlock.java package com.otakusaikou.tour14.blocks; import net.minecraft.block.Block; import n
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