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  1. Thanks! Let's hope this works. But that being said, could there be differences when this is applied to 1.12.2?
  2. Here's a link to the whole mod: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1llGhCc5zKeQ3gO-nQlZvs8R_POdkoisa (Sorry it's not github, I don't know how to use github.) (Also sorry it took me a month to respond. I've been busy lately.)
  3. Well, for options one and two you're right, but for option three? I know there's an option to have the model for handheld items/dropped items be different than the model used in the inventory. How would I tackle that? And if that isn't good enough, where would I start if I wanted to hack the itemstack UI renderer? Is there documentation for this?
  4. Hey, sorry I disappeared for a couple of weeks, it's been hectic with finals and all. I drew three options to what the UI should look like, from best option to least preferable option: Edit: To clarify, black pixels are the border of the item texture and red is the item.
  5. Custom models? In what sense? How would it look in the inventory?
  6. Well, this is actually quite embarrassing, but I already made all of the textures for all of the swords of all 15 materials of which I wish to make swords, before even starting the mod itself. (Below are ten of them.) What's step one?
  7. Well, that was my original plan. To modify the element in Minecraft's code which renders the items' textures in the inventory, or replace the vanilla GUI with my own GUI that can accommodate 18x18 textures (possibly with GuiOpenEvent or some other black magic :P). Is this possible? Could you help me do this? If not, there were two alternatives I had in mind: 1) Render the items in the inventory with an alternative model (I've seen this done before in mods; items using various 3d models instead of a 2d texture). I'm not sure how to do this so I'd appreciate any help. 2) Use different textures for the handheld/dropped item and the item in the inventory. This is the simplest option, and I know this is entirely doable, but it's not the best one. Thanks for all your help.
  8. Alright. I'll try a few alternatives. Should I upload separate threads for different questions relating to the same subject (relating to different coding issues but to the same end goal) or should I keep posting here with further questions? Thanks for your help by the way.
  9. I did so but the problem persisted. The problem seems to be caused by some element in Minecraft's code forcing any item to visually fit into a maximum grid resolusion of 32x32, i.e. I can't just resize the item's texture to 128x128 (which looks alright everywhere outside the inventory), because the inventory forces the image into that damned 32x32 frame. To clarify why I specifically need my items 18x18, the mod I'm making offers stronger versions of vanilla minecraft weapons, such as the "mythic iron sword", which are visually derived from the vanilla weapons. Without that extra couple of pixels, I can't really emphasize the progression, visually, and 32x32 would be TOO large for this task. 18x18 (or maybe 20x20) would be the Goldilocks zone. I'll phrase my question in a simpler manner then. Is there any way to get Minecraft to render hd textures in the inventory? I'll really appreciate any help I get since I've been really hyped to work on this mod for some time and learnt Java specifically therefor.
  10. I resized it to 512x512, which is what it is in this screenshot. The problem persisted, what should I do?
  11. So I'm working on a mod that adds new weapons to the game, but when I added the texture for one of my items it renders weird in the inventory. As you can see, the item in question looks identical to the vanilla iron sword, rendering perfectly both as a dropped item and as the model help in hand, it's only in the inventory itself that it looks all crooked. The item texture was originally 18x18 as opposed to the default multiple of 16 (64x64 I believe). The problem persisted even when I rescaled it to a multiple of 16. Is there any workaround for this? Some way to get it rendering properly?
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