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  1. Thanks for the info/idea. If I try to call setElytraFlying like so, public void glide(PlayerEntity player) { if (!player.onGround && !player.isElytraFlying() && !player.isInWater()) { ItemStack itemstack = player.getItemStackFromSlot(EquipmentSlotType.CHEST); if (itemstack.getItem() == elytronitem.elytronitem) { player.setElytraFlying(); } } } I cannot resolve setElytraFlying in PlayerEntity. If I change it to public void glide(ServerPlayerEntity player) { then it calls but then the onArmorTick doesn't function anymore as @Override public void onArmorTick (ItemStack stack, World world, PlayerEntity player){ if (!player.onGround) { glide(player); } } is calling for a PlayerEntity. If I changed that to ServerPlayerEntity then the @Override stops working because Method does not override Method from Super. I really feel like I'm missing something here.
  2. and as you can see, I have already done that. Please stop derailing the thread by being a jerk for no reason.
  3. Can you tell me where you found that Fall_Flying case? That seems like a good missing piece of my puzzle.
  4. Yes exactly. In my mappings public void setElytraFlying() { this.setFlag(7, true); } public void clearElytraFlying() { this.setFlag(7, true); this.setFlag(7, false); } is what I need to trigger. I cannot find Fall_Flying in anything but public static enum Action { START_SNEAKING, STOP_SNEAKING, STOP_SLEEPING, START_SPRINTING, STOP_SPRINTING, START_RIDING_JUMP, STOP_RIDING_JUMP, OPEN_INVENTORY, START_FALL_FLYING; } } Ah, the guy who always tells everyone it can't be done is here. I am aware. That is why I replicated that code in my code shown above. I know it can be done and I know to use the search function. I know minecraft calls from PlayerEntity and not from Elytra. I've seen every comment you've posted about Elytra and if you're going to tell me that it's not possible like you have everyone else who tried, please leave.
  5. public void setElytraFlying() { this.setFlag(7, true); } Well I found this in ServerPlayerEntity.java. Right below it is public void clearElytraFlying() { this.setFlag(7, true); this.setFlag(7, false); } Seems like I need to trigger these.
  6. I did search for Items.Elytra and I also found that flag. I cannot seem to figure out how to trigger it though. Ah I see. if (this.movementInput.jump && !flag && !this.onGround && this.getMotion().y < 0.0D && !this.isElytraFlying() && !this.abilities.isFlying) { ItemStack itemstack = this.getItemStackFromSlot(EquipmentSlotType.CHEST); if (itemstack.getItem() == Items.ELYTRA && ElytraItem.isUsable(itemstack)) { this.connection.sendPacket(new CEntityActionPacket(this, CEntityActionPacket.Action.START_FALL_FLYING)); } } FALL_FLYING appears to be a pose as I can only find it referenced here and in a pose list. Here is what I have public class elytron extends ArmorItem{ public elytron(IArmorMaterial p_i48534_1_, EquipmentSlotType p_i48534_2_, Properties p_i48534_3_) { super(p_i48534_1_, p_i48534_2_, p_i48534_3_); setRegistryName("elytron");} private void glide(PlayerEntity entity) { if (!entity.onGround && !entity.isElytraFlying() && !entity.isInWater()) { ItemStack itemstack = entity.getItemStackFromSlot(EquipmentSlotType.CHEST); if (itemstack.getItem() == elytronitem.elytronitem){ //MYSTERY ELYTRA CODE GOES HERE } } } @Override public void onArmorTick(ItemStack stack, World world, PlayerEntity player) { if (!player.onGround) { glide(player); } } }
  7. Sorry if you've seen this many times before. I've been looking for days about how to make an item work like Elytra. I found many posts where people have said it's not possible and many more where people have successfully done it. But not a single person has posted their code or explained how they did it. I've already stared at the ElytraItem.java and scoured through PlayerEntity.java and I just cannot figure it out. So anyone have any ideas? Thank you.
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