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  1. i use intellij and juse ctrl-o shortcut to see all overridable methods and on block activated isnt in the list and if i look in the block class there is no method on block activated
  2. there is no function i can see thats called onblockactivated when i extend Block class
  3. hello everyone how do i check if i right click on my block
  4. got it needed to use func_226896_b_() i thinks so because it needs to be a solid block if its wrong pls say but it works for me
  5. hello everyone i have an issue if i place my model next to other blocks you can see trough those other blocks i have seen a method how you can fix it but i think it doesnt work on 1.15 anymore so how do i set my blockmodel to not a full block and also i am just new to minecraft modding so if i make an beginners mistake thats why
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