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  1. When trying to run a server it gives me this error hs_err_pid3796.log
  2. Fixed the problem by going into the first episode of that series you sent me and copying the blockstate from there. Thanks for your help
  3. https://gist.github.com/aNoob4Gamer/edbe9ca275d848cef7da46d6ea0d96bb
  4. Followed a youtube tutorial but I couln't manage to add my texture to the block, even tho the blockitem works perfectly fine. clever_block.json clever_block.json clever_block.json
  5. Thank you that fixed the error issue, tho for some reason my textures now don't exist now.
  6. I built it using the "jar" task under build in Intellij. Do I have to use the "build" task under that category?
  7. When I run "runClient" in Intellij, minecraft doesn't give an error, but when I compile a jar for the mod and load it with forge it gives me this error: "modid encountered an error during the load_registries event phase" Here is the log file, hope someone can help. latest.log
  8. I just started creating my first mod and I have gotten this error. I looked online and found people with similar problems, but none of the solutions worked for me. Edit: Went through the solutions I found again and realized that I accidentally had written assets/"modid" on the @Mod on the main jar file instead of just the modid
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