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  1. Tried reimporting the project after running genEclipseRuns?
  2. 1.8.9 isn't supported on this forum, only 1.14+
  3. @me1 Are you using IntelliJ or Eclipse
  4. I've only ever used 1.12.2 so esh. But why genEclipseRuns? What if they use IntelliJ? And isn't that task for making the runs for the mod?
  5. WebDisplays should be able to do it
  6. Sometimes I launch up a big pack and go do other stuff while game loads in background, and occasionally some program decides to be slow with quitting and then when I'm going to press the x on slow program it decides to quit and then I hit the button on minecrafts window.
  7. I'm trying to make a mod that pops up a little window for confirmation when you click the x button in the top-right corner, but I have no idea how to prevent minecraft from calling shutdown() when said button is pressed. I assume one would have to write a coremod to replace the shutdown function/change what minecraft calls when x button is pressed, but is there a way to do this without a coremod?
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