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  1. The problem is optifine's own renderer being incompatible with this specific mod and crashing the game.
  2. Do you have by any chance optifine? Optifine right now is in beta stage, so it has bugs that could cause crashes. Also send your debug.log. You should find it in here:C:\Users\<your own username>\Appdata\Roaming\.minecraft\logs\debug.log Good luck! EDIT: Remove Optifine.
  3. Minecraft is very CPU bound, so a 2400g won't really do well with that much mods anyway. How full is your disk?
  4. The sad thing is that 1.12.2 isn't supported anymore on this forum. I could help but then I get tons of warning as a result.
  5. So I would really like to start modding on 1.14.4. My goal is to create some really simple tools mod as a starter. So where could I start with Java programming? BTW what IDE should I use for Java, Eclipse or smh? I also have had some experience in programming before (but not much in complete text code jargon) So where should I start?
  6. My server keeps timing out at seemingly random times. One time it was when a player was joining the other time was just complete randomness. It just happens every few minutes or so. And whenever it times out, the server isn't overloaded at all, no ticks getting skipped, no RAM spikes, nothing. I have no idea what is causing the issue. It just times out and thats it. no trace of lag. Here is the pastebin link for the debug.log: debug.log EDIT:Problem has been solved! The ram allocation was a bit too low.
  7. I've read multiple forums and sites over the best JVM args to use when running a server. The most i've found was too old for modern minecraft and the other were for clients and not servers. So, what are the best Java runtime args that one could use on a modded server?
  8. When it cleans up memory doesn't that mean some crucial memory would also disappear? I'm not the best at Java and its methods of memory management.
  9. It nearly hit the memory allocation limit (-Xmx3072MB) while generating the world. So my guess is that the server was barely surviving with the allocation, then MrTJPCore started loading chunks, which then caused the server to skip ticks and then thamicjei ate even more and then it died. Also keep in mind that the allocation is also for graphics, so that would also consume more memory as well.
  10. It at some point does note that MrTJPCore is loading chunks causing worldgen lag.
  11. The server is getting overloaded by either Thaumcraft or MrTJPCore. I also had the same issue with MrTJPCore loading chunks randomly while I was playing, crashing the game. Are any of your mods in beta stage? Try getting a older (but release) version of those mods listed above. Also try increasing your RAM allocation from 3072MB to 6144MB. It also seems that while loading it hits the RAM allocation, so that could also be the problem. EDIT: It is not Thaumcraft directly, but a JEI module that thaumcraft comes with. I don't know if projectred is supposed to create that much model errors while loading, but also try to remove any ProjectRED-related mods as well.
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