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  1. My client sends an Event whenever I send a packet(mixin at sendPacket). I want a method that doesnt send one. Now youre going to hit me with Coremods shit etc. but I just want my question answered.
  2. How so? Its the same as calling mc.player.connection.sendPacket.
  3. Its exactly what sendPacket in NetworkManager does. I doubt it will cause problems and if it does well shit idc.
  4. I want to write my own sendPacket method: ```public void sendAPacket(Packet<?> packet) { if(packet != null) { NetworkManager manager = mc.player.connection.getNetworkManager(); if(manager.isChannelOpen()) { manager.flushOutboundQueue(); manager.dispatchPacket(packet, (GenericFutureListener[]) null); } else { manager.readWriteLock.writeLock().lock(); try { manager.outboundPacketsQueue.add(new NetworkManager.InboundHandlerTuplePacketListener(packet, new GenericFutureListener[0])); } finally { manager.readWriteLock.writeLock().unlock(); } } } }``` If this information
  5. Wow, I dont get why you cant just answer my question. Its possible so I want to know how.
  6. Ok but if I was planning on doing so what would the JVM internal name be that I need?
  7. Thx, yeah thats why I came here: what I did was Lio/netty/util/concurrent/GenericFutureListener; wich doesnt work. This is how it is in my access transformer: public net.minecraft.network.NetworkManager func_150733_h()V public net.minecraft.network.NetworkManager func_150732_b(Lnet/minecraft/network/Packet;Lio/netty/util/concurrent/GenericFutureListener;)V The first one worked fine and am able to access it(its flushOutboundQueue) I only added the second today and that one doesnt. 1 Broken Access Transformer lines: --- net.minecraft.network.Netw
  8. drawString(Ljava/lang/String;FFIZ)I <- this is what a method signature for drawString in FontRenderer would look like just an example. ALL I want to know is how the signature for func_150732_b, "dispatchPacket" would look like. Its takes a packet and a io.netty.util.concurrent.GenericFutureListener as arguments. So Ik it would look something like this func_150732_b(Lnet/minecraft/network/Packet;<whatever the GenericFutureListener thing is>)V I just want to know what the GenericFutureListener would look like here.
  9. Many methods import weird stuff so I just want to know how to get a proper method signature from that. Ik that its not bound to primitives and minecraft classes since u can also do stuff like Ljava/util/List. Id just like to know what it is for io.netty.util.concurrent.GenericFutureListener cause I imagined it to be like Lio/netty/util/concurrent/GenericFutureListener wich isnt right
  10. Im looking at the method dispatchPacket in NetworkManager. Its parameters are a packet and a io.netty.util.concurrent.GenericFutureListener. Now depending on the versions the mappings are different, for 1.15 mcp says its func_150732_b. Now what I need is the proper signature with parameters(idk if theres a name for this and/or a lookup). Ik that a packet is like this: Lnet/minecraft/network/Packet; but Idk how to get the io.netty.util.concurrent.GenericFutureListener. I would like it to look like this: func_150732_b(Lnet/minecraft/network/Packet;<whatever the GenericFutureLis
  11. Im adding EntityOtherPlayerMPs to my world, all with an existing UUID and corresponding name. I can do all kinds of stuff, adding inventory etc.. Now I need to know how to give these entities the skin that belongs to the UUID or if that isnt connected just the skin of the player with that name.
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