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  1. So my goal is to make a item that can random into other item that I made when player rightclick on it So I create class (which is item) that have random generator of with list of item (it also other item that I made) I want it to become by using int rand = generator.nextInt then I try to code when player rightclick on item it will start doing random then pick a item from "rand" then put in player inventory public void onItemRightClick(World worldIn, PlayerEntity player, Hand handIn) but after this code I stuck because I don't know which code or how should I use I try using player.addItemtoInventory or dropItem which seem to require ItemStack in () instead, so I try create new class and put same rand code in it, but it seem to can only pick one of item instead of full of item list to do random so I have no idea anymore what I supported to do I need really advice on this ps. my reference also 1.12.2 version so I encounter lot of problem even if try to copy it as well
  2. When I try to download it say it can't reach this page and ask if it the right address for https://adfoc.us I can't download any version at all, what do I need to do to download the forge?
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