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  1. The mod is supposed to be a counter for a server, and only count mobs with specific names But finally, I'll warn people to use it only if they can one shot the mob, so I only count attacks
  2. My bad, I checked after I want to detect when the entity is dying, then I'll manage to detect "if the entity is killed by the player"
  3. How can I do that? Also, where do I use that? And how?
  4. Ok thanks, but how can I be sure that the player killed the entity? I saw this mod, and they managed to do it, but I can't figure how: https://github.com/symt/zealot-counter/tree/1.2.2/src/main/java/io/github/symt What I know is that it only detects when the player one shot the mob
  5. Any way to detect that animation? Or the fact that the entity is removed? Also, any way to know if this is player who killed it?
  6. Hey! I wanted to know if it is possible to detect client side when an entity dies. It works with LivingDeathEvent server side, but not client side. Thanks!
  7. That's exactly what I needed, thanks! ?
  8. Ok, i'll check docs for that It is a client only mod (and personal tool) so no problems with that Ok, thanks, i'm checking that!
  9. What do you mean? An event, class? If so, it's in RenderGameOverlayEvent
  10. .minecraft, I might have an idea, but not sure, to use GSON, I have no idea, and I don't understand most of the posts May I have any example please? Or any method to do this
  11. At the middle of the width and height, and I'm rendering in game And screenWidth is the width of the real screen, or the scaled one?
  12. Well, I can't figure how to do it, I feel stupid '-' But I noticed that some mods use dat files in .minecraft dir, how can I do this with dat or JSON at this location? And how can I edit it with code?
  13. Hello! I wanted to know how can I center text in 1.15.2, I searched ScaledResolution, but it doesn't seem to exist. Thanks!
  14. I need to store values, and keep them wherever I go, like a vanilla setting doesn't change on different world Does Forge support that? YML, JSON, .properties, is there a "vanilla" way to do that, or I have to create one myself?
  15. Does it work even if I change world / server in multiplayer? If so, how can I use it?
  16. Hey! So I want to create a system that displays the number of a certain mob with a certain name, for example, a Creeper named "Creep". I know how to create the event, how to display the text, but what I need is a system that permit me to store the number value, and get it back even after game restart, any idea how to do this? I'm developing in 1.15.2
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