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  1. how would i use ClientPlayNetHandler#getPlayerInfoMap? I cant figure it out, also is EntityJoinWorldEvent good to use? thats what i got working kind of
  2. is it possible to get when a player joins the server your in from the client?
  3. I want to make it so in the grindstone an item turns into a certain item. example, glass turns into sand
  4. i have never done this, how would i do it?
  5. How would I add/change some properties of blocks/items? I want to make some blocks resistant to fire/lava
  6. nvm, just needed to generate a new world
  7. I'm trying to sort what order the items in my mod appear in inside the custom ItemGroup but i cant figure it out, some stuff I have found it outdated. I'm making it on 1.14.4+
  8. when the chunk with the ore is generated
  9. I'm trying to check what block vanilla ores are generated next to, basically how would I check if an iron ore generates next to a granite block?
  10. I will make it so it doesn't burn, i just want to know how to check if an item is in the fire and its, for example, a potato and change it to another item, cooked potato
  11. I have been looking for an answer for a little while How do I check when an item is thrown into a fire then change what the item is? Example, change potato to cooked potato
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