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  1. It's all of use, thank you. I'm completely new to forge and minecraft modding and eclipse. When I last took fingers to keyboard to program in Java, NetBeans was the canine's unmentionables of IDEs ( or Notepad ) and it was 2001 [ I'm old ]
  2. found it mapped_snapshot --> net -->minecraft seems to have the bulk of the information thank you @Ugdhar
  3. Thank you, @Animefan8888. I knew it would be something simple that I'd missed. I wish it wasn't quite THAT simple but there we go. The universe has a dry sense of humour.
  4. Hey there, I'm running Minecraft 1.15.2, Java 1.8 Forge for 1.15.2 and Linux Mint XFCE 19.2 I have installed Eclipse and it's fine I've run the gradle tasks The example mod compiles and mine craft launches and I get the messages in the logs. I was a very competent Java programmer at one time and although I've fallen behind the times I'm still very familiar with code that I read and I will catch up quickly. I have found the Forge API Docs at read the docs - now's where I fall over The API Docs admit that they are far from complete and while they are very helpful I need more information - I've read around on the forums and, I can't remember where, the suggestion was to "read the comments" in the code as the code is commented ( I may have misunderstood this ). I gather that the snapshot file deobfuscates the decompiled code such that Forge can compile mods with useful and user friendly class and method names. So my question is - Where is this code that I might read it? I've been digging around in the subfolders of the forge packages in my project files and in ~/eclipse and in ~/.eclipse but so far no joy. Please could someone direct me? (EDIT: Corrected spelling and grammar )
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