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  1. ¿Cómo puedo aprender a codificar para hacer mods? Llevo días preguntandome como poder hacerlo, aunque existan opciones faciles como mcreator. No me convence, puesto que quitaron los modelos .java del geckolib en blockbench y decidí buscar cursos de java, pero no sé que especificamente por donde empezar o si quiera si me servirán.
  2. Hello people, I want to make requests of people who want to contribute to this mod that I have in mind. Have you ever played Ragnarok or similar? This world is full of creatures that challenge the player, but what if we brought that to minecraft? Well, with that premise, "Avalon" is being developed. And more... However, killing creatures would not only be the charm of the mod, it is also the power to interact with different factions of it, of course meeting certain requirements so that they can accept you in their civilization. An attempt will be made to implement the option of spending the rest of your days with that monster girl that you have always wanted to have, but that the limitations of Comes Alive prevented you. This mod as the main goal, will have to be different from the grimoire of gaia in its extension of mobs and more complex when it comes to interacting with them to see what types of ties you achieve forms with them. I see this mod as an ambitious project for a single person, so that is why I would like to invite anyone who deals with mods to develop this beautiful project. This will be produced in mcreator, but if a popular request is changed to a more exact method for mod encoding, it will certainly be accepted. Naga: Dark Priest: Dark Frame: More help is needed on textures, because between trial and error, I realized I'm not good at it.
  3. Hello, I have started to create an action mod, what I specifically need to know is how can I incorporate a weapon to my mod (I use eclipse to make the mod) I am a beginner in this, because I would only need to shoot, but if I also you could know how you can implement a reload animation, thanks.
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