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  1. Sorry guys for this screen. Here's new one - freeze at loading: http://screenshooter.net/9767455/WoWScrn_062712_081337 Yup, i know that. That's why I assume that's strange and that's why i'm posting here. I read logs. That's the reason of mine headaches.
  2. It isn't. MC version is 1.2.5, Forge, FML, Mo' Creatures 3.6.2(that's version for mc 1.2.5). It's definietly not problem of mo' - i investigated a little, tried installing mods, not installing mods etc. Tried even older version of forge, without success. Every time i run i see http://screenshooter.net/9767455/WoWScrn_062612_152915 Then I get on this forums, learned a bit and run minecrafterrortest.bat...and you know what? The game works fine. So, what's the difference between normal loader and this bat file? For formality: bat file: forge log: (generates after running bat file, otherwise there is no new log) Running the game using this bat file is not really a solution, as long as i want to play online.
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