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  1. You draw a few of them by yourself. After that copy/paste is your best friend. In both Gimp and Photoshop you'll simply need to rectangle select what you need and literally press ctrl+c and ctrl+v, then place the result where you want. Remove the excess with the appropriate eraser tool. Should take you a few minutes but surely less than an hour.
  2. Wow, I didn't knew about reflection before but it works like a charm! Works flawlessly now, thank you very much.
  3. Thanks a lot, at least now I'm able to get an item. I knew it would be just as easy but still couldn't get my head around it. However now I'm hard stuck at changing the properties of said item. If anyone knows a way to either change individual items' properties or an entire classe's (Food especially) that would help tremendously.
  4. In your command prompt, check if the gradle -version command returns the version 4.9 of Gradle. If it doesn't, then install that version instead, then check the version again and proceed to the gradlew genEclipseRuns etc. steps again. If it does, try to reinstall Gradle 4.9 anyway. After a quick search, this apparently solved the issue for someone in the past. If you are running a system with limited RAM, this could be the issue as well. In any case, I don't think I'll be able to help more than that sadly.
  5. Hmmm Have you downloaded the right Java versions? Java 8 is needed, both JRE and JDK. You'll also need to change some environment variables if you haven't already, for Java and for Gradle. It is quite hard to help on this installation without knowing exactly which steps you did and which ones you didn't. But first you should try running the command with --stacktrace and see what exactly is the problem you're encountering, it's often the best way to determine what you did wrong.
  6. You need to open the console in your project folder. You can either do Shift+Right Click (once in your folder) and open the console from there or do the "CD <path>" command in the console to your project folder. Note that gradlew isn't a Gradle command. It comes with the Forge zip file (the one you use for your project). That is why gradlew is unknown if you try to execute the command outside of your project folder. Reminder of the steps:
  7. New to modding, I'm trying to make a mod to play with friends to add more content in the game. Notably, I'd want to change food items' saturation value and make them unstackable. To do what I want, I need to be able to change the item properties of existing items, however I haven't figured out how to get an item from the game's registries or using ResourceLocation in order to change its properties.
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