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  1. I meant the news posts. They might contain more information on the java versions and intellij and so on. But Thanks will check that out.
  2. I was not asking for older versions as they are all in files.minecraftforge.net but for the archived blog posts.
  3. Is there an archive of blog posts? I'd like to go thru them and check what happened back in 2014 because I'm gonna probably continue with the 1.7.10 modding. It just is my favourite update.
  4. I don't know the abbriviation for LTS so I thought that was just a error message people were getting like back in the years when they had messages like that. I'll read it , thanks for the hint!
  5. I can understand that the dev team probably is not the biggest and living of ad revenue and donations probably requires a second job to make everything work, and the team is probably not even like 15 people or so. But still it feels very corporate like. And I would like to hear a dev on this rather than a community moderator because the information is a different per point of view. But I was not asking for support for older versions, more that I wanted to know the old specs, what java versions and so on I need to use, they only have that information if nobody has uploaded anything.
  6. So what about the older versions of minecraft, are you leaving them dead in the water?
  7. So everything is setup and ready? It feels weird because the minecraft files used to be easier to find... and what about setupIntellij runs? Edit: I'm being silly, I generated the runs and ran mc now everything looks fine.
  8. Hey, I'm using the newest community version as our company is still deciding on getting the enterprise version.
  9. Hello, my name is Thomas, you can call me that. I'm wondering about a lot the changes that have happened during my down time. I'm currently working at Wooden3 studies(we have nothing to go public with yet) and I started to gain interest in continuing the development of my mod NeXTech which is still at 1.7.10 because I never saw a reason to update to newer versions. Now I find myself in a crofuffle because the Java version doesn't work with the Gradle version and the Java version with the Intellij. Updating gradle doesn't help and well I could probably setup a VM with all the
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