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  1. Well, to avoid rebooting server then: if I wasn't returned to tty - server is still running, and I need to kill process and only then launch it again? And after the ChunkManager output there's nothing related to world data, and I can say the world is saved successfully?
  2. Ugh, sounds complicated, but I'll try. Thanks again for your help!
  3. Oh, and forgot the last thing - sometimes my server doesn't stop as I expect. World is saved correctly (as I can see), but it just stays with ">" symbol like it's still server's console and doesn't return the Ubuntu's tty and I have to reboot. How can I find out the reason of this?
  4. Understood, thank you. About other questions - should I create separate posts?
  5. I mean I can delete them from client if it doesn't need them, am I right? Not exactly a fix, but somewhat of.
  6. If this is the only reason for that message, I should fix all the client/server-only mod issues and that's all? Search debug.log for "compatible" word?
  7. Sorry for long reply. Added mods, but looks like it didn't work, new logs here - https://gist.github.com/71vl17/5e88b34e709280a5783f6c587143733e
  8. Sorry, there - https://gist.github.com/71vl17/76c5b4d6887517cbf633b0baaf10d8f7
  9. And I'm curious why Forge tell's "Incompatible Vanilla Server" when it's loading, is there any way to change this message? I saw some Forge modded servers with custom messages like "Booting" or this:
  10. Hello. I'm playing CraftToExile modpack (1.15.2 with Forge 31.2.47) and I see this message in multiplayer menu: Though I'm able to connect and play. I believe I can't fix the problem by myself, but maybe there's an option in Forge config to disable this message? Logs: latest.log Thanks.
  11. Hello. For some reasons I need to try some things in 1.12 alongside with the actual ones, but it can't find LWJGL. I know that you don't support this version, but I'm just curious about repos - are they dropped or just changed?
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